Traveling is something I want to do more every year.

Every year I always find my way going back to  - "Tagaytay City."

In this post, I share with you guys, how you can spend a day in Tagaytay and do a lot of the important stuff; going to tourist destinations and eating delicious local delicacies without spending a lot of money.

How to get to Tagaytay

The cost of your fare will depend on your mode of transportation. Of course, driving there using a personal car will definitely be more convenient and faster. Having that said, it will also be more expensive. ( Except when you have a group and split the expenses )

Taking an express van that will take the SLEX (South Luzon Expressway ) route will be a lot faster than taking the Cavite route of a bus, but taking the bus will save you at least half of your money.

Ultimately, It's your choice to make.

Via Van

Taking the Utility Van Express from Starmall Crossing (See Map) - 1 Hr to 1.5 hrs travel time (SLEX via Sta Rosa exit route)

Cost - 180 pesos

Via Bus

Ride a bus from Pasay beside Mrt Taft station (See Map) -2-4 hrs travel time ( Coastal road and Cavite route)

Cost - 83 pesos

Where to eat in Tagaytay?

There's an abundance of restaurant in Tagaytay, from high end restaurants at primed locations in which you'll have the best view of the amazing Taal lake. To budget simple type of restaurants but still offers delicious food.

Mahogany Market 

Mahogany Market, Mahogany Ave., Brgy. Kaybagal South, Tagaytay

If you have already been in Tagaytay and you thought that Leslie's restaurant or

Josephine’s restaurant has the tastiest bulalo Tagaytay has to offer, It's safe to say that you haven't
been to mahogany market yet. Prepare to shock yourself with the most flavorful bulalo in Tagaytay.
Cost of Bulalo ( Good for 2-4 persons) - 350Php
NOTE :Bulalo in Mahogany market is without a doubt the best place to eat bulalo in Tagaytay, they sometimes offer free bananas and brewed coffee.

Starbucks Tagaytay 

There are 3 Starbucks stores in Tagaytay that I know of. Two stores are on the ridge and are more famous because of the awesome view of the Taal lake. The other one while not exactly on the edge still offers an a mazing view. And what's more better than drinking your hot delicious coffee in the cool weather of Tagaytay while having that nice looking view?

Bag of Beans 

This particular branch of Bag beans is located near at the rotunda of Tagaytay.
The awesome thing of having your coffee in Tagaytay aside from you know, it's cool weather. is you have a very awesome scenery.
Suggestion - I strongly recommend their cheesecake (150php) to partner it with their delicious
brewed coffee.

Cafe Veranda in Taal Vista hotel

The most pleasurable experience I've had on dining at Cafe Veranda is having my coffee & delicious cheesecake on the side while gazing the starry light outside the view deck with piano musical playing on the background. For a moment, I thought was in a romantic movie or something. The only thing is, I don’t have a romantic partner LOL.

Ahy foodhaus

Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City, Philippines.
If you want to have a good breakfast in Tagaytay without spending a lot, one place I can suggest to you aside from mushroom burger is AHY FoodHaus, located in Magallanes Square.
Read More

Josephine Restaurant

One of the known restaurants in Tagaytay. This restaurant is said to be in Tagaytay for quite a long time now.

LZM Restaurant

2nd floor, Magallanes Square, Tagaytay City

Famous for it's incredibly delicious and huge boneless bangus. LZM is a must try to eat it at when you're in Tagaytay. Just to remind you,(warn you) that the size of the bangus is bigger than your average Bangus, so be there with at least 2 friends.


Lenicols "native resto bar" in Tagaytay

One of the beauties in Tagaytay is the abundance of choices of places to eat at.
This is a new restaurant in Tagaytay, being it located in the beautiful place of Magallanes Square, the view from the 2nd floor is astonishingly beautiful as you can see the ever awesome view of the Taal lake. READ MORE

Where to go in Tagaytay?

Sky Ranch - Visit the highest Ferris Wheel in the country

The amusement park in Tagaytay, where you can enter for a fee of 100 pesos

( as of January 2015) and pay 100-150 pesos for the rides.
The available rides are the zipline, mini viking, carousel and the main attraction
" the sky eye' Ferris wheel.
Experience 360 degrees view up in the highest Ferris wheel in the country today,
enjoy more of what is already an awesome view of Taal volcano.
or just stroll around the vicinity and appreciate the awesomeness of the view.

Having fun with a Pinoy Mime in Tagaytay

People's Park in the sky

Is a tourist destination in Tagaytay, before it was called the palace in the sky but it was later changed to People's park. See for yourself another classic 360 degrees view.

Cost - 30 pesos

Option 1- rent a tricycle for 120 pesos.
Option 2- ride the Jeepney that goes to people's park at Olivares Terminal Station for 16 pesos.

Picnic Grove
Probably the most famous destination in Tagaytay. A school field trip in Tagaytay wouldn't be complete without going to Picnic grove.

Entrance cost - 50 pesos

Experience the zip line that can give you an extremely awesome view for only 300 pesos.


Option 1 - Rent a tricycle for 100 pesos

Option 2 - Ride the Jeepney going to People's park (alight at Picnic grove) for 16 pesos

Day tour Budget Itinerary

7:00 am
Meet up at Pasay bus station

7:30 am
Ride bus going to Tagaytay
10:30 am
Arrive on Tagaytay
Have Early lunch at Mahogany market
11:15 am
Go to Sky ranch via jeep
8 Php
11:25 am
Entrance & Sky eye
12:30 pm
Go to Bag of beans or Rowena’s Via jeep going to Olivares
12:45 pm
Bag of beans or Rowena’s at Tagaytay Rotonda
80Php – 200Php
2:30 pm
Go to picnic grove via jeep or tricycle
16Php/person on jeepney – 100 Php/tricycle
2:45 pm
Picnic grove Entrance & Zipline
50-350 Php with zipline
4:30 pm
Go to Olivares
16 Php/person on Jeepney- 100 Php/tricycle
4:45 pm
Go to Magallanes Square Via Jeep
8 Php
5:00 pm
Have dinner at Mahogany market of don Juan via jeep
100-200 Php
6:00 pm
Go to Olivares via jeep
8 Php
6:30 pm
Go home to Manila-Pasay
 83 Php

Budget to prepare based on the itinerary 830-1430php

2 sites (Picnic grove & sky ranch), lunch, coffee & dinner.

For overnight budget – just add accommodation and breakfast.

Get 1,100 Pesos when you sign up in AirBnB using my link https://www.airbnb.com/c/joshuan903

If you have your thoughts & suggestions, please share it with us in the comment section!

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Until next time.. See you on the next blog post!
"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." - William Arthur 
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Tagaytay 2016 Montage


  1. Great IT. I'll be at Tagaytay next week. Thanks for the tips :)

  2. Thanks for reading bro, have a great trip ☺😊😊

  3. Hi!! Which hotel do you suggest? Thanks in advance!! :)

    1. Sorry for replying late.

      Jc Castro rooms for rent near Tagaytay Rotonda :)

    2. And there's a place near Sky ranch that is a cheap place to stay.

    3. Hey there! Ask ko lang po kung ano po yung cheap place po near sky ranch for an overnight stay... Thanks

    4. It's SMDC Wind Residences condo unit for rent. it's a fully furnished unit costing P2,600 for weekend (friday-sunday) good for 5 persons. you can call or text Ms. Klarina Teodoro at 09178927928

    5. Hi ms Klarina, can you send me your room rates. Thanks

  4. Hi ! Joshua thanks for the tips. can i ask you a question ?
    what is best hotel for 2 person. thanks!

  5. Hi ! Joshua thanks for the tips. can i ask you a question ?
    what is best hotel for 2 person. thanks!

    1. Sorry for the late reply. If you're looking for just a place to sleep and don't mind not having the luxuries of a hotel would give. I suggest Our melting pot. Although, I have yet to try there. Their room rates are very affordable.. But if you want something more fancy, I suggest Taal vista hotel. The hotel has the best view of Taal lake ( one man's opinion) . :) I hoped that helped.

  6. . hi good day, kung overnight lang po, week ends, sat-sun. kailangn ko pa ba magpabook ?. at same lang ba ang bayad kung booked at walk in?

  7. . hi good day, kung overnight lang po, week ends, sat-sun. kailangn ko pa ba magpabook ?. at same lang ba ang bayad kung booked at walk in?

  8. Thanks for this. Made it as my basis for planning our itinerary for this weekend. :D

  9. Hello, we're heading at Tagaytay on Aprilas the first stop of our Honeymoon, is it easy to go to the Volcano if we arrive around 11am, and still doing at least half of what you did that day ?

    Thanks again for the hints ^_^

    1. I have yet to try going to the Volcano, but, my brother have done it. There's a lot of boatmen who offers their services that goes to the Taal lake. My advice though, is to ask people at the market place if they know how to get a boat ride going to the Taal lake :) . Hoped that help ;)

    2. Right, then we'll go to the market place on the day we arrive, thanks !

  10. Would it be the same schedule based on your blog if we go there on holy week??

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