AHY FoodHaus - Have your affordable breakfast in Tagaytay.

AHY foodhaus
Magallanes Square Tagaytay, Philippines
If you want to have a good breakfast in Tagaytay without spending too much money, one eatery I can suggest to you aside from mushroom burger is AHY FoodHaus, located in Magallanes Square.

Magallanes square is just along Nasugbu highway and is in front of Leslie's restaurant

There are jeeps that will pass by Magallanes Square, so from Olivares it's just one jeep away.

Note: Vans & buses from Manila passes by Magallanes Square.

This is the area where you get your order & food :)
Condiments & Cups are just in the food order area.

Their menu is just above the walls inside the eatery/restaurant,

The restaurant or eatery has a carinderia feel to it, it's a small eatery in Magallanes Square. It doesn't have the flashes of a rated restaurant but it doesn't matter much if you're in the cold weather of Tagaytay.

Menu with prices

Tapsilog - 84 Php or 2 USD
Just in case you don't know -Tapsilog is just Tapa beef, egg and fried rice.

There's not a lot you can do about the egg and the fried rice taste but the big difference you can immediately notice in Tapsilog's is the TAPA beef's taste.

One thing I noticed about the tapa beef in AHY haus is not your typical salty peppery Tapa flavor, instead it tastes a lot like more of a beef pares.

As a fan of beef pares, yeah I'll give AHY foodhaus a thumbs for their unique tapa flavor.

If you ever want to eat here for dinner but worried about if its safe to eat there at night.. Don't worry, for one, it's in Magallanes Square - one of the most safest places in Tagaytay and # 2 is they have a CCTV cam just in case if something ever happens.

Have you been here? Share us your story & suggestions about their other food.

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