Lenicols "native resto bar" in Tagaytay

Magallanes Square Tagaytay, Magallanes Dr, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

One of the beauties in Tagaytay is the abundance of choices of places to eat at.
This is a new restaurant in Tagaytay, being it located in the beautiful place of Magallanes Square, the view from the 2nd floor is astonishingly beautiful as you can see the ever awesome view of the Taal lake.

  The Interior

The interior appearance of the place is very casual, it has relaxing feel to it, it has big windows which is a good thing, because you have a better view of the beautiful scenery of Tagaytay outside.

As you can see at the photo above, just by looking at the stack cases of beers and the multiple selections of alcoholic beverages makes one assume that this place is more of a bar than a restaurant.

In my opinion this place is more for hanging out to have some alcoholic drinks rather than a place to eat at.

The Decorations

Condiments - Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, tooth pick

Special Menu

The Main Event - The Food!
Bulalo- 459 Php ( Good for 4-5 persons)
To be honest, to me their bulalo soup seemed to lack that first sip flavor goodness. I think the delicious fatty part that comes from the bone borrow was removed or was not enough in quantity, which made the dish not as tasty as it's supposed to be.
The good -They served bulalo piping hot, which is a good thing in a bulalo ( beef shanks & bone marrow soup)

The tableware with the wooden table was a good idea

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