Friday, October 27, 2017


Boracay is one of the most popular if not the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines.
It is our first time going to the place and we had the time of lives. 
The weather wasn't the best when we were there but the experience will always be something we'll look back and say " that time was awesome".

Hope I can make a short travel guide for all of you first timers planning to go to Boracay :)

Anyway here's our video montage of Boracay 2017

Boracay Vlog soon!!


Friday, October 13, 2017

Tagaytay Sample Itinerary ( BUDGET ITINERARY)

Day tour Budget Itinerary

>Tagaytay Budget Travel guide<

7:00 am
Meet up at Pasay bus station

7:30 am
Ride bus going to Tagaytay
10:30 am
Arrive on Tagaytay
Have Early lunch at Mahogany market
11:15 am
Go to Sky ranch via jeep
8 Php
11:25 am
Entrance & Sky eye
12:30 pm
Go to Bag of beans or Rowena’s Via jeep going to Olivares
12:45 pm
Bag of beans or Rowena’s at Tagaytay Rotonda
80Php – 200Php
2:30 pm
Go to picnic grove via jeep or tricycle
16Php/person on jeepney – 100 Php/tricycle
2:45 pm
Picnic grove Entrance & Zipline
50-350 Php with zipline
4:30 pm
Go to Olivares
16 Php/person on Jeepney- 100 Php/tricycle
4:45 pm
Go to Magallanes Square Via Jeep
8 Php
5:00 pm
Have dinner at Mahogany market of don Juan via jeep
100-200 Php
6:00 pm
Go to Olivares via jeep
8 Php
6:30 pm
Go home to Manila-Pasay
 83 Php

Budget to prepare based on the itinerary 830-1430php

2 sites (Picnic grove & sky ranch), lunch, coffee & dinner.

For overnight budget – just add accommodation and breakfast.

1500php room good for 4 people.

3000php room good for 8 people.

Phone # 046 4134094
Smart -# 09192307853
Globe # 09167204313

or you can rent a condo unit at Wind Residences to get the most awesome view of the Taal Lake 



Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Minced Katsu Recipe -Simple but Delicious

Minced Katsu is deep fried meat patty. Think of burger patties but coated with bread crumbs and deep fried.

Here's a 1 minute video I uploaded yesterday on YouTube where I show how I made minced katsu.


1 lb ground beef and pork (450g)
1 brown onion, chopped
1 egg
1/4 cup Panko(bread crumbs)
1/2 tsp salt
egg, beaten
Panko(bread crumbs)
oil for deep frying
Tonkatsu sauce

Thursday, July 13, 2017

I've Started a YouTube Channel - Just type Joshua Nailes

What's up with all the viewers of this blog?

I'm not sure how many people are going to view this post, as majority of the traffic in this blog site comes from this ---->> TAGAYTAY BUDGET TRAVEL GUIDE

This 2017, I've started a YouTube Channel and started creating videos about my food & travel adventures.

Videos brings a different dynamic as it gives a more different feel..

In a video, the viewers feels more involved as they can hear sounds, and as well the movement of pictures (video).


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

CHA TUK CHAK @ Kapitolyo, Pasig

East Capitol drive, Kapitolyo Pasig

What's up? Lately, I've been seeing a lot of Cha Tuk Chak on my Facebook news feed.
Cha Tuk Chak's Facebook ad campaign seem to be working, because people have been tagging their friends on the Facebook Ad.

And me, my sister, and my good friend Mary, went to the place to find out if Cha Tuk Chak  is truly what it claims to be - Providing good quality milk tea.

The thing is, only one of us has truly tried an authentic milk tea. So, can't really tell if one is authentic or not.

But if you know, I don't care much about authenticity than I care about the flavor. What I care, if I like it or not.

Inside Cha Tuk Chak

The place was incredibly posh, it has soft seats and sofas. You could tell that whoever owns this place must have invested a lot on looks alone.


2 Famous Thai Milk - 150 Php/each , Thai green milk tea - 150 Php
We settled for the safe part and ordered 2 Thai milk teas, as we didn't want to disappoint ourselves and end up ordering a bizarre flavor.

Although, I'd say now that I have tasted the Thai green milk, I'd say I prefer it more.

Having that said, the Thai milk tea was really good too.

What I noticed that was different with these milk teas was they were really not as sweet as to what I'm used to.

Which, anyway is not a bad thing at all, if anything is, I'd say it felt more of a refreshing drink because of it being not as sweet.

Anyway, thanks for reading this blog!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Siomai King experience

Siomai King is relatively a new player in the food cart siomai market competition.
 The more prominent ones are the Master Siomai and the Siomai house which has been in the market since I was in High School which was 10 years ago.

Siomai king's uniqueness is it's 5 pcs of Siomai per order for the same price you pay to it's contemporaries.

This marketing approach of giving more for the same price one pays to it's competition is very smart because it gives siomai king the fighting chance to get people who are hesitant to try new options when it comes trying new food stalls/restaurants.

Siomai king offers more than just offering quantity ( more siomai) It offers more defined flavor for it's price. Which I think tops Siomai house in terms of taste.

Again, this is all based on personal taste preference.

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Monday, March 20, 2017

Ortigas Auto Camp's "Saritas Ka- Sarao ( Budget meal)

Inside AutoCamp -Ortigas Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines In front of Medical City
Finding a budget meal that is not 'fast food' is hard, especially if you're working on Ortigas.

After doing some photoshop editing and hanging out at a coffee shop in Ortigas, we wanted to eat something that is priced cheap but not fast food.

I suggested we look for 'lugaw' or rice porridge since it is generally cheap.

A friend/former classmate of us, who works for sitel, was once assigned at Sitel OJV told us there's a food place he often ate at.

The Food

lugaw goto with Egg - 35Php
For those who don't know - Here's From what I know only, the difference between arroz caldo and goto is the base.
arroz caldo -chicken
goto - beef tripe
Arroz Caldo - 28Php

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Inexpensive Metro Walk Food place - Yoo-hoo

Meralco Ave, Pasig, Metro Manila, Philippines
To get to the point, Yoo hoo is not expensive by Metro Walk's Standards only. The prices of food here are almost the same with fast foods and food court eateries.

With that said, Yoo-hoo to me is a suggested food place to dine at Metro Walk. Yoo-hoo offers grilled filipino staple street food such as grilled pig ears, pork barbecue, barbecue chicken, chicken liver on a stick, and many more.,

 The one thing I wish they had was the Isaw ( Chicken intestines) and the dugo ( hardened chicken blood).

Place athmosphere

 Outdoor dining is basically the theme of metro walk as it is known mostly as a place to drink alcoholic drinks & have fun with friends.

Overall the place is simple. Which is good, because it makes the place neat.

The Food Selection

 Yoo-hoo offers an abundance of options of classic Filipino dishes sych as pork adobo, chicken adobo, binagoongan ( Chopped pork cooked with shrimp paste)
Grilled Pig ears on a stick (Tenga) - 39Php per stick
For it's serving size, I could say this was a shocker for me, considering that this is at Metro walk and all, the serving was a value for the money.  Having tasted better tasting grilled meat, the taste was just subpar to me, but make no mistake, I think you should get this when you're gonna drink.

Roast chicken -239Php

Their chicken looks delicious, but also kinda looks as dry. If anyone of you who plans to try this, please share it with us once you do.

The main event -Our food!

From left to right - Pork belly on a stick 39php, pork bbq 33php, Tenga 39php

From left to right - Pork belly on a stick 39php, pork bbq 33php, Tenga 39php

From left to right - Pork belly on a stick 39php, pork bbq 33php, Tenga 39php

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Lenicols "native resto bar" in Tagaytay

Magallanes Square Tagaytay, Magallanes Dr, Tagaytay, Cavite, Philippines

One of the beauties in Tagaytay is the abundance of choices of places to eat at.
This is a new restaurant in Tagaytay, being it located in the beautiful place of Magallanes Square, the view from the 2nd floor is astonishingly beautiful as you can see the ever awesome view of the Taal lake.

  The Interior

The interior appearance of the place is very casual, it has relaxing feel to it, it has big windows which is a good thing, because you have a better view of the beautiful scenery of Tagaytay outside.

As you can see at the photo above, just by looking at the stack cases of beers and the multiple selections of alcoholic beverages makes one assume that this place is more of a bar than a restaurant.

In my opinion this place is more for hanging out to have some alcoholic drinks rather than a place to eat at.

The Decorations

Condiments - Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper, tooth pick

Special Menu

The Main Event - The Food!
Bulalo- 459 Php ( Good for 4-5 persons)
To be honest, to me their bulalo soup seemed to lack that first sip flavor goodness. I think the delicious fatty part that comes from the bone borrow was removed or was not enough in quantity, which made the dish not as tasty as it's supposed to be.
The good -They served bulalo piping hot, which is a good thing in a bulalo ( beef shanks & bone marrow soup)

The tableware with the wooden table was a good idea

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