Charlie's Wanton Special - Serving Delicious food!

 One my favorite cuisines is the Chinese cuisine. I haven''t tried a lot of it due to it being a diverse and abundant cuisine but what I do know from having eaten at some Chinese Restaurants is that Chinese cuisine typically is flavorful on the first bite,

Having eaten at various Chinese noodles places, and up to date there are quite places that I would confidently recommend people to dine at.

And Charlie's wanton dim sum is one of those.

Located at 265 Haig, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Inside Charlie's Wanton Special

Condiments- Soy sauce, fish sauce


The Main Event - The food

Siomai - 80 Php

Let's start with their Dim sum. Siomai is probably the most common Chinese food here in the country. It's like the counterpart of Gyoza of Japan.

Beef  Mami Special - 170Php
According to the waiter we asked, the only difference between the regular and special was its serving size. As a big noodle eater myself, I ordered the bigger offer.

The Verdict

Their Siomai was delicious, but was not the best I've tried, I was probably expecting too much out of it. It's certainly delicious but not something to crave for.

The Beef noodles soup was the game changer, the soup was not really that tasty, It kind of lack the saltiness that I'm used to in beef noodles soup But the Beef meat was the "game changer".

The lightness of the seasoning of the soup made the flavor of the beef stand out more. This kind of approach made me taste the beef better because the seasoning wasn't overpowering that beefy flavor.

The Tenderness of the meat was really mouthwatering, the beef was so soft and some parts of it literally melted in my mouth as I was chewing it.

They are obviously braising their beef meat using a pressure cooker to get this kind of awesome result.

If you're near the area or you happen to love food adventuring, then Charlie's Wanton Special is a place you should put on your list of food places to eat at.

MUST TRY -Try their beef noodles

Something to add on, as we were about to leave the place, I noticed that a lot of people have Siopao/s on their respective tables. And I was wondering how their Siopao tasted.

If you happen to have eaten at this wonderful restaurant, please do tell me if their Siopao is something I should try.

See you on the next blog post!


  1. John Fernandez, the owner of Charlie's Wanton Special, arranged my kidnapping at gunpoint by corrupt BID agents because he was trying to steal money from me in a business deal and I caught him. Instead of being honest and sharing the profits as were agreed, he tried to steal them all. But he was not able because he is stupid! So sorry to see he is still in business. Tarantado Talaga! Shame on you John Fernandez!


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