Ukokkei Ramen - One of the best Ramen in Manila

Lower Ground Floor, Bldg A, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines near the food court

Ramen noodles are now on almost every major mall in the metro, the response of Filipinos to the Japanese noodle soup have been positive, thus explains the sudden emergence of new ramen eateries in the metro and the fast expansions of hit ramen places like Ramen Nagi.
Ukokkei though has been in the Philippine market longer than most players and is one of the pioneers of authentic ramen places in the region (Metro Manila).

Ramen is Great but it's not cheap.

Although ramen is a dish that I would want to eat on a more regular basis, the price of an authentic bowl of ramen is just too much for my budget if eaten regularly. Even eating the cheapest bowl of ramen in famous places like Ramen Nagi, Santouka Ramen, and Ippuodo, would cost you a minimum of 390 pesos or 8.32USD excluding the service charge which is usually around 10%.

$1=47.01 Php (August 02,2016)

Cheaper than most.

260 Pesos Authentic Ramen!!
Ukokkei's Ramen may not be the cheapest place to get your authentic delicious ramen, but it is surely one of the few ramen places that I know of that serves delicious & authentic ramen that costs less than it's competitors.

Side note -Just to clear this out, Ramen Nagi is my #1 place to eat ramen despite it being one of the priciest in the marketplace.

Can't keep the excitement
utensils- broth spoon and wooden chopsticks
 260 Pesos Authentic Ramen!!

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