Ramen Nagi - The best Ramen place in Metro Manila!

I'm really excited to share this with you guys, because this restaurant is really the real deal.

 I promise you that this restaurant will really give you the chills and the warmth of an unbelievable food experience.

Just to give you a quick insight about me - I'm generally interested in the Japanese culture and food. As much as I like anime, I'm really genuinely interested in their unique culture and of course unique cuisine.

And it just happens that Japanese restaurants are becoming a thing in Manila. We see a lot of Japanese restaurants now opening in the Metro as famous international restaurants are now opening at malls.

So, without further blabbering here, I'm gonna share with you my Ramen Nagi experience. I hope you enjoy this post.

One cool thing is you get to choose how your ramen will be made. If you want your broth to be light,normal or rich. What part of pork do you want in your tonkotsu ramen, shoulder or belly.

Raw Garlic
I think it's awesome that you have an option to add additional garlic into your ramen bowl if you ever feel like it. Though I didn't try putting some. 

The Main Event!
The Ramen!

Black king - 410Php
 This is a tonkotsu broth ramen with squid ink. I have to say that this is incredibly delicious. I ordered mine to be rich in broth and have hard noodles as suggested by the kind waiter who served us at that time.
It has a unique flavor, it has a little bit of bitterness because of the garlic and has this creamy sensation that I just can't get enough.
This just explodes in flavors that is so unique. I strongly recommend black king if you ever want to eat something that explodes with flavors.

 And one thing I noticed about ramen is the presentation of the bowl. The presentation is so awesome, it makes it all more appetizing to eat. 
And Oh man, just look at that piece of pork belly....That is just so tender.... Amazing flavor that blends well with any of the ramens on the menu.
Butao King - 390Php
 Butao king is the basic of all the selections in ramen nagi, as 'butao' means pork in Japanese. As all ramen offered in Ramen Nagi is tonkotsu based. 

Ramen Nagi is so awesome that every ramen is delicious and unique, it's just hard to rank which one is more delicious than the other. To be fair and be objective, and not get into a debate here,I just have to say that it's all about preference. What kind of taste you prefer or what you prefer at a specific day or time.
What I can guarantee to anyone reading this post is the Ramen at Ramen Nagi is really delicious without hype. There's a reason why they have so many branches worldwide.

Tagamo(Egg) - 50 Php
This is quite an expensive egg if you ask me but I just feel like it really is just delicious to combine with the ramen.

FYI- They make your egg half cooked and I promise you that this really is good to eat with your ramen.

Gyoza- 190Php or 4.3USD
Gyoza is like the Japanese version of dumpling. It's pork meat with chives? (I think, not sure) wrap around with a small dough wrapping. Again, I'm not really sure if its made of dough. But hey, It's delicious.

Ramen Nagi is, of course, not your typical budget restaurant that people like me can afford to eat everyday. Our bill for two people was (as you can see) 1287php or 29USD

Note- not a typical bill that I pay for a lunch

But what I'll say is - Ramen Nagi is truly a place that I'll keep coming for more.

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See you on the next blog post!


  1. Cool post you have there dude! I never yet try Ramen Nagi, where is that located? Is there a Ramen Nagi restaurant in Cebu? Will ask Google in awhile. Keep on posting! ;)


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