Siomai King experience

Siomai King is relatively a new player in the food cart siomai market competition.
 The more prominent ones are the Master Siomai and the Siomai house which has been in the market since I was in High School which was 10 years ago.

Siomai king's uniqueness is it's 5 pcs of Siomai per order for the same price you pay to it's contemporaries.

This marketing approach of giving more for the same price one pays to it's competition is very smart because it gives siomai king the fighting chance to get people who are hesitant to try new options when it comes trying new food stalls/restaurants.

Siomai king offers more than just offering quantity ( more siomai) It offers more defined flavor for it's price. Which I think tops Siomai house in terms of taste.

Again, this is all based on personal taste preference.

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