Baler Travel guide ( Budget guide)

I've been wanting to make this blog post for quite a long time, we went to Baler last year (2015) in the month of May. And due to some things going on and procrastination on my side, this blog just came out just now.


If you have read my Tagaytay blog post, you can see there that one of the things I want to accomplish more for years to come is to Travel.

 And of course, because of financial restrictions A.K.A not enough money, I need to budget my expenses, thus made me decide to make most of my travels budgeted.

Don't get it twisted, I'm not saying cheap travel here, what I'm saying is a budgeted or well planned expenditures trip.. if that made any sense..

And I did a few research on the internet, just like what you're doing right now, and it made a lot of sense to me to visit and have fun in the beautiful place of Baler.

Baler is a tourist destination in the Philippines known for its awesome waves and thus famous for surfers.  

But having been in Baler, I can assure you that there is more than just about the waves and beach life.

How to get to Baler?

Via Bus

Genesis Transport (Cubao & Pasay) Website

Is the only bus company I know that offers direct transportation to Baler from the Metro (Metro Manila). I'm not sure if there are other bus companies, but if you happen to know one, please do share it with us on the comments section below.

The company ( Genesis) offers two (2) types of bus service for Baler.

Keep in mind that Trips are DAILY( 3:00am -7:00am) (1 hour interval)

#1 The Regular Air-con bus 

Travel Time - 6 to 7 hours
Cost - 450 Php

#2 Joy Bus -  An executive bus service which provides somewhat more comfortable sits, and shorter travel time as it goes to Baler without stop overs.

To book your trip - click the link with no added cost.

Click here to book your sit.

Disclaimer - not an affiliate link.

Travel time - 4 to 5 hours
Cost -750 Php
Reservation Required

As first timers to travel to Baler and as budget travelers, we chose to ride what made the most sense to our budget, and that's to ride the cheaper service, the Genesis Air-conditioned bus.

After the trip, as I was reflecting on what could have made our trip better, one thing I would have done was to take their Premium service ( Joy BUS) so we could have avoided waiting for more than an hour in an uncomfortable fashion.

My Suggestion

For most people is to take the Joy bus instead, aside from not having to wait for your turn because it's a reservation only bus, (so you'll have more assurance that you'll depart from Metro Manila on time)  it's really a more comfortable ride than the ordinary air-con bus.

Plus you'll be needing all the time you can get for you to maximize your time on touring Baler.

Where to eat in Baler?

Rolling stores

Rolling stores is a famous place to eat at for tourists in Baler. It's not one the fanciest of places, heck it's not fancy at all BUT with plenty of dishes to choose from at affordable prices (Very!), Baler's rolling stores is a very recommended place to eat at


Yolly's Ihaw Ihaw Seafood Resto

Personally, the eatery that I have liked the most during our stay was Yolly's.
Just a word of advice, this place gets really crowded during lunch & dinner time, 

so I suggest everyone interested on dining here to take an early lunch/dinner or late lunch/dinner.

Gerry Shan's Place

Gerry Shan's Place is a known EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN eatery in Baler.

We didn't eat Gerry Shans during our stay in Baler. For those who just have big appetites and likes to stuff themselves with delicious food, you can try to eat at Gerry Shans as a lot of people said their food was delicious.

Where to Stay in Baler?

Recommended place to stay in Baler
Bluebels Baler 

It's a clean place to say the least with nice soft beds along with an awesome T.V with an air-con that gets the place cold quickly. A real value for money place to stay plus a very nice landlady.

Facebook Fanpage
Note - When we stayed there, we paid 3000 pesos for a room for one night. Just so you know it's a room that can accommodate 8 people. We were just 4 then.

Tricycle Tour In Baler

Tricycle drivers in Baler are also the usual tour guides of the place.

Cost ranges from 700 to 800 pesos for 3 people in one tricycle.

The tour will cover almost every tourist attraction - Baler museum, Aurora house, Baler Church and the famous plaza where people take pictures with the huge signage of Baler)

Mother falls and the widest tree I've seen in my life - The Balete tree.

There are a lot of places to tour as well but unfortunately for us, we didn't had enough time as we started our tour a bit late.

To get an awesome deal - contact this person 0939-391-9763 Kuya Agas

Suggestion - start your tour very early.

Places to go in Baler?

Sabang beach

The obvious place to be at when you're in Baler is the Sabang beach, and since it's a surfing beach, I strongly suggest for you to to surf especially if you haven't experience surfing yet. I'm not even a surfer but I enjoyed the experience.

And it's not an expensive thing to do.

To get an awesome deal - contact this person 0939-391-9763 Kuya Agas

Tell that you got the number from Leisure Metro :)

Balete Tree

Probably the most iconic destination in baler is this tree. It is incredibly huge, a good place to relax and take pictures.

Lukso Lukso

Ditumabo - The Mother falls

My personal favorite part of the itinerary is the trip to the mother falls, the hard, rocky, slippery and quite long trail to the falls was an experience I'll never ever forget.

Getting to the falls was rewarding, the falls was just amazing, and at that time it was the first time in my life to see one for real, it was surreal. The water was cold and refreshing making it perfect for the heat of the summer.

I absolutely recommend this place as 'The place' to go to.

Make sure to bring a waterproof camera or a reliable waterproof equipment for your camera/camera phone.

Have you been in Baler? Tell us more what about your experience so we could share it with others :)

Did you like this post? Share us your thoughts on the comments section below!

See you on the next blog post!

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