Chibi Karaage - Delicious Juicy Karaage

Ground floor, SM Light Mall, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Just in case you don't know (Just in case) Karaage is the term used for fried chicken in the wonderful country of Japan.
It is usually marinated using soy sauce, ginger, garlic and mirin before the coating & frying. It is also common cut into bit sizes, so that one can eat it easier when using chopsticks.

What I like about this particular fried chicken (Karaage) in this restaurant is the balance of the right crispiness and juiciness from the meat that is really mouthwatering.

The price though, is a little more than mainstream fried chicken in the metro ( KFC, bonchon, Mcdo, Jollibee).


You can Get the Lunch PROMO

During Lunch time they have this lunch promo where their Bento selections can be availed for a discounted price. 

Store space

Chibi Karaage at SM light Mall
 The place is literally small, it only has 4 tables with 8 chairs.

Cute bento

Karaage bento - 100 Php
The normal price for this same meal is 155 pesos, so when you decide to eat this meal at lunch time, you'll save yourself 50 pesos.

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