Mr Ube's Korean Beef Stew noodles.

E Rodriguez Sr. AveNew Manila, Quezon City, Metro Manila
It's really rare that I eat alone. Fortunately, at one time when I did, I spotted one familiar looking restaurant that I haven't tried to eat at.

 The place is small but was clean, I really don't mind if a restaurant is small as long as I can eat there happily. But of course the restaurant must offer delicious value for money food for me to be happy.
utensils - spoon,fork,chopsticks

Korean Beef Stew noodles - 200 Php
Just by looking at it, you know it has to be good. And it is. It has a little different taste to it compared to Chinese beef noodles, maybe its the Korean ingredient, but that's just my guess.

I recommend you to split this with your friend if you're not really hungry as this bowl is really big.

Naicha - 58Php

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