Pugon Roasters by Chef Laudico - Chicken sisig & chicken

2nd floor SMDC Light Mall, Mandaluyong, Philippines

Here I am again, wanting to try a new delicious meal. I was wandering around the new opened mall (SMDC Light) and was hoping to find a new restaurant or fast food that I can afford. And then, at the second floor of the mall, I saw chef Laudico's face on the banner of a restaurant that's in front me.


The next time I come here, I'm gonna try their cheesecake.

I wanted to try their crispy dinuguan but since it was my first time eating there, I decided to eat their best seller meal.
Place interior

The place was alright, it has a fine set of tables and chairs for my standard. For me, as long as the place I eat is clean, it's an o.k place for me.

You have to like the lighting of the place and the brick style wall.

Pugon roast chicken - 99 php or 2.5$

It's really hard to describe the taste of food to someone, because taste is subjective and all about preference. But I have to say that anything I say that is delicious in this blog is delicious. I would say that some food are just okay and some are just plain awesome.
The chicken was very tender and moist. And for the taste, I'll just say it's for you to try. I recommend it.
Chicken Sisig - 99 Php or 2.5$
I like the sisig, It really tasted chicken, although for a foodie myself, I can't help but think that the serving for this was not enough. Though, I have to say that it is only 99 pesos, so it's just me wanting to have more of this dish.

It's a value for money dish. I recommend this for you try.

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