Dona Soledad Paranaque food places - Fat Frank's Food experience!

Opposite ParaƱaque Doctors Hospital, Better Living Subdivision, Don Bosco, ParaƱaque City

I rarely blog pricey restaurant types.

For one fact, I operate on a limited budget so I can't really afford eating often on restaurants that will put a dent on my wallet, and I committed on only putting content that I really recommend worth spending money.

Of course, everything I put here is subjective. (basely on my own preference & taste of food.)

Without further ado, let's start this post!

Okay, there's really not much to say about Fat frank's... except that it's good.

I mean it, it's really good.

From how the place is dope. I mean just going inside you have this nice comfortable feel to it.

Take a look on what I mean.

This restaurant seem to have a lot of throwback photos of famous people. I really don't know all of them. I just assumed that all of them are famous based on the ones I know that are - celebrities like Muhummad Ali and the Beatles (band).

I think that the dolls and figurines really fit well with the setting. It's like a place that looks like for collecting old stuffs.

Let's get to the main event! The food!

Porterhouse steak- 245Php
They give you an option if you want your steak well done or medium well. In this photo, I chose for the medium well.
Although, I'd say that in this restaurant you go for the well done because the medium was quite hard for me.

The steak was not the most delicious I've tried but it was delicious, although I thought it lacked flavor.
But maybe, If I did go for it to be well done it would have been different. I don't know, maybe next time.
Beef Salpicao - 245Php
Like the steak, it was good but was just normal for our taste or maybe it was because I've been eating beef for days at that time.

This was my favorite of the three we ordered. The chicken was just tasty and kind of sweet. I think it's battered with milk.
This is the only one that I can confidently suggest you order when eat here.

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