The Old Spaghetti Promo - T.O.S.H

I think this is just available on selected branches as I didn't see this on their branch in Robinson's Galleria.

I was in Robinson's Forum last month and had a business meeting with one of my business partners that day to talk about a strategy .

Because of all the commotion and exhausting things(exaggerating here) that happened that day- I got hungry at that time.

Well not really hungry.... but was just craving for something new to eat at.

Since you already know right? I like trying out food that looks promising.

So the place looks dope for sure. It has nice ambiance to it. Like Italian flavor atmosphere to it. I don't really know how to describe. I just know the places looks good to eat it.

The main event! The food!

burger steak with pasta Alfredo sauce - 150 pesos

I think I should have ordered this one because this one was absolutely better. The burger steak was a perfect compliment to Alfredo sauce of the pasta. The only thing missing here is a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon Red wine.. 

Pork belly with pasta Alfredo Sauce - 150 pesos

While I do think my friend's order was better than my order, I still think my order is still worth recommending to you all my readers.

If you do ever try this mix and match promo of the Old Spaghetti house, feel free to interact with us on our Fan page on how was your experience.

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