Mr. Kurosawa - Japanese Euro Restaurant

Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City

I got to tell you , this restaurant is beyond out of my league.. at least for now.

You can easily spend 400 pesos for 1 dish here in this restaurant, in which for me is an expensive price.
The only reason I was able to eat at this restaurant is because my mom paid the bill.

My mom has some money :-)

Ambiance &
Interior Design

There's nothing much to say when it comes to Japanese style design of restaurants. This may not be the traditional style of their dining tables but what I can say is that Japanese design focuses on simplicity & elegance.

I haven't eaten on a lot of Japanese restaurants but one thing I noticed immediately that is different here is that there are plates already on tables.

Mostly due to the fact that's it a Euro -Japanese restaurant.
This was a cool thing to see while eating, a genius idea I'd say. 

When we went inside the restaurant there were no people eating at that time. 

It was around 10 pm when we came at the restaurant


Soy sauce

I like the purple light designs

What we ordered

Seafood Ramen - 399 php
This was my mom's & sis order. Since they're not really hungry as I was, they decided to just order one & share.

Fortunately, they allow people to share their bowl of Ramen in this restaurant, as some famous ramen restaurants have a rule of No Sharing.

I'm not really a fan of seafood ramen, but it was good to say the least. And my sister likes it, though she said that my order more.
Buta kakuni - 389php

389 pesos for a bowl of food is relatively pricey for me but I can strongly say that this bowl of delicacy was amazing.. wait, let me get that right.. AMAZING, Awesome!
Cheesecake - 228 pesos

This is probably the most expensive cheesecake we've ever bought, I know cheesecakes are relatively pricey in restaurants but this one is almost twice pricier.

Though, you can't argue on how delicious this is once you get a bite of it.

I recommend this for those who have the luxury to spend 228 php for a slice of cheesecake & cheesecake lovers.

Ground Floor, Eastwood Mall, Libis, Quezon City

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