Kanzhu Hand pulled noodles - Three treasure noodle soup

Timog Avenue, Quezon City, Philippines

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It's no secret that I love food.

If you've been following my posts it would be a no surprise to you, that I love eating.

And if this is your first time here, a few clicks and navigation around this blog, you would easily notice that this blog is mostly (if not all) about food & travel.

And as of now - majority of my posts has been about food in the Metro.

But not until now, I haven't posted a single blog post about one of my favorite type of dish - Noodles soup.

Today I want to share a place that in which I think, has an amazing taste of noodles & soup.

Interior appearance

Here's What we've ordered- the main event the food

Pork with Vegetables 6 pcs - 125 pesos

I thought this dish was incredible, it tasted a lot like gyoza and looks a lot like gyoza, is this gyoza? but gyoza's Japanese right? so how could this be gyoza? gyoza or not, it doesn't matter, as long as it's delicious, it's all good to me.

Century Egg - 80 pesos
Century egg is one of those rare food that its smell doesn't translate to its taste. 

Let me explain - the smell is not appealing, you can say it's kinda bad.. but the taste is incredible, the egg has this incredible creaminess and after taste magic, the best part about this - is when you eat this with the main dish here at Kanzhu hand pulled noodles - the egg just puts the dish to another WHOLE NEW LEVEL.

The Main Dish

Three treasures - 220 pesos
Why bother to eat at a hand pulled noodles restaurant if you're not gonna order their specialty right?

That's why we ordered this "three treasures noodles soup" that comes with a value for money price - 220 pesos.
You can split this for 2 people since it has a quite big serving.

The noodles
 What makes their noodles soup exceptional is their noodles. The noodles alone is good. The bite of the noodles and its right amount of saltiness.

Partner it with this thick exceptionally delicious broth, how can you make this dish better?

As you can see, It has a good amount of meat ( beef, tendon & tripe)

Eating the tender beef with the soup just felt so amazing. Together with the fattiness feeling of the tendon, and awesomeness of the tripe - this recipe is just genius.

The contrast texture of all the garnishes this dish is just mind blowing.

It will make you want to eat more.

And this my friends is the reason, why I'm confident to recommend this place to my friends.

Three treasures noodle soup half.
Bottom line, I absolutely recommend Kanzhu hand pulled noodles as a restaurant you should eat at, regardless if you like noodles soup or not, regardless if you're not fond of eating Chinese cuisine.

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P.S I recommend you to make a plan on eating here immediately after reading this post.

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