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Just thought I'd share with you a throwback post, well not really a throwback as in way back then. This is something I just did about 3 months ago, specifically last year(2014) on December.

Normally, If I want to eat fried chicken, I would eat at my favorite chicken place - KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken), or eat at BonChon for their affordable & delicious Korean Fried Chicken (K.F.C too ).

I wanted fried chicken that night but at the same time wanted to try something new or to eat at some place I haven't tried their fried chicken yet.

But I wanted something new that day, so we decided to eat at Pancake house.

The Main event! The Food!

I love this burger, it's flavor kinda reminds you of savory sauce, and the meat, uh, tastes alright yeah, no, it tasted amazing.

And of course, how can we not talk about the chicken. This is the reason why we ate there at the first place.

Bottom line is the chicken was okay-good, not great but good. There was nothing special about the taste of the skin, but the chicken was not dry, which is a good thing, the thing that made this chicken not average was how well the gravy tasted good with the chicken.

 I love eating and whenever I get a chance to eat good food, I just can't keep myself to not show any excitement.

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