Sisig Hooray! ; Food court - budget meal below 100php (2 $ )

Sisig Hooray outlet in Robinson's Galleria
If you've read some of my blogs, you've probably noticed by now that I post a lot of stuffs about food court meals.

The reason is I want to maximize my money on searching the best meals, restaurants/eateries offer.

Whether it is in an expensive high end restaurant or in a budget friendly fast food restaurant.

With that being said, let's go with this blog's post topic - Food court edition - Sisig hooray!

Just in case you don't know, Sisig is popular dish in the Philippines, this dish's main ingredient is pork, others use different kinds of part but the most common parts used are the ears and cheeks.

Affordable prices

Pork, onions, chili's,chicharon,and secret spice.

SISIG hooray close up on their pork sisig! - 65php -99php
 the thing to remember is when you do try eat at sisig hooray, prices vary depending on where you're going to eat.

For example, the price of a pork sisig meal in MegaMall costs 99php, while in Robinson's Galleria the price is only 65php.

The cheapest price I know is in Ever Ortigas extn.

Although they give a 20% discount for senior citizens, I don't recommend senior citizens to eat this meal. Not that it's not delicious (because it is delicious) but lets be honest here, this is not good for the health kind of meal.

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