My Singapore Food street first experience

Location : 2nd floor ,Bldg A, Megamall, Mandaluyong, Philippines

It's one of the restaurants in Megamall that has some elegance look on it from the outside. I think it's one of the first restaurants I've seen in Megamall.

 I thought that It's pretty cool & fascinating that you can actually see how they prepare and cook the meals they offer. Just shows us how transparent they are when it comes to their cleanliness in cooking.

The Main Event! The Food!

Beef noodles solo - 110php

Hainanese Chicken meal -220php
For me it was delicious but not the best hainanese chicken I've tried. My mom ordered this dish and I asked how it compared to the one she tried in Singapore. She told me that the one she tried in Singapore was much superior in taste. 

But that wouldn't be a surprise if you asked how the prices compare too.

Not always but often, the more expensive one will be superior.

Ginger, chili sauce, I don't know the other one.

Yang Chow fried rice - 175php
This yang chow fried rice is ridiculously tasty.. you can eat it by itself.

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