Lord stow's bakery - Egg tart.

logo of the Store in Market Market, Taguig, Philippines
When you see a store that under it's logo (on the box) there's a line saying 

" the creator of the Egg tart now famous throughout Asia  

You'll definitely be expecting a heck of a delicious delicacy when you ever try to it there- cause I did.

Inside the Store in Market Market, Taguig, Philippines

I love the interior design of the store

Bread selection

Crinkle pack -110 pesos

They offer sandwiches ranging from 90 -115 pesos in prices.

Egg Tart - 165 pesos or 4 USD
 Due to the fact that it is both made of egg yolk, egg tart tastes a lot like Leche Flan but less sweet.

Although, I would say that this is a bit more creamier than your ordinary leche flan and has a crust to it, makes this dessert unique and fun to eat.

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