J.CO Donuts - a good place to hang out, talk about business & travel plans

I guess the hype around J.CO donuts that made a lot of people wait in line for at least an hour is long gone.

Not that J.CO is not an incredibly awesome place to drink your mouth watering donut or have a cup of coffee with awesome flavors to it - In fact, I love J.CO donuts.

I just happen to be, one of those who would not wait in line for 2 hours just to buy x amount dozen of donuts.

When I want to talk about business with my business partners & potential customers A.K.A prospects I prefer places where you can talk a little bit longer than usual & more quieter than usual.

Here's pictures of our J.CO hang out.

4 Alcapone & 1 frappe chocolate Total -313 pesos

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-Joshua Nailes-


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