Food Court - Kimbob (Korean Fast food)

Hey there, this post is another of my food court posts, as eating in a food court in the Philippines is one of the affordable ones, of course, aside from 'carinderias'.

Kimbob is an affordable korean fast food restaurant for as low as 50 pesos (1.5 $) you can a lunch or dinner.

What we ordered & ate :D

Left: Pork bibimbap Right: beef bibimbap - 99 php or 2$

close up view of beef bibimbap

As you can see, the bibimbap dish has some vegetables in it ( carrots, some cabbages, and Kimchi) I don't know the name of the other veggie.

mix it all together.

Verdict - it was a nice meal, although I think it's a bit bland to my taste preference. But for a 99 Php (2$) meal, it sure is one heavy filling meal.

Share us your thoughts in the comment section below!

See you on the next blog post!


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