#BlogWithNuffnang -blog contest ; Why I love Nuffnang & why I deserve to win

Blog contest on Nuffnang.

Why do I love Nuffnang?

I can't say a lot about Nuffnang to be honest with you as I haven't earn anything yet from their revenue but that's not a bad thing cause I understand that it's a process and I just got started in creating consistent content anyway.

But if there's one thing I honestly love about Nuffnang, is the community of bloggers. 

The fact that you can see a lot of bloggers posting good to great content on a consistent basis is the only reason I think I like Nuffang - at least for now!

Hey at least I'm an honest dude.

In Nuffnang is where I saw a blogger that inspired to make a blog about about my leisure experiences and make a content on a consistent basis.

Visit her blog http://rochellesychua.com

Truth be told - It didn't happen immediately.

But what matters is it did happen. Today I try to make a blog post about my leisure experiences as much as possible.

And even Though I don't make a lot of traffic right now, sharing my experiences and recommendations that I know may or can help the next visitor reading this blog is the reason why I'm excited in making the next content.

So, watch out!


Stay tuned.

If you've seen some of my blog posts, you've probably noticed that I post a lot about food and some are travel - because this blog is really about travel, food & entertainment that I've personally experienced.

Because I was inspired to share my awesome experiences on my leisure moments, hopefully my blog posts can Inspire you too to share more positive stuffs on the internet.

Why do I deserve to win?

I think this is a hard question because In my opinion, every serious blogger deserves to win.

But If ever you need to choose who'll win, that would be me.

# 1 reason is - I don't have a my own domain name and If I win, I would have one now.

# 2 reason is - I have a cool blog site name & making it leisuremetro.com would simply be awesome.

# 3 reason is - regardless if I win or not, I'd still make consistent. So, If I win have that leisuremetro.com name.. that, would just be sickly awesome.

Are you a blogger? maybe you would like to be part of the community.

Just go to - Nuffnang Philippines

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