The BIG little store in Gilmore - Chinese eatery & grocery.

Front door signage
It's amazing to know that inside of one of Gilmore's computer hub (building hub) there's a Chinese restaurant / groceries store around the corner.

Gilmore is a place where you can find just about anything that has to do with computers (PC), there's a tremendous varieties of computer parts, accessories and repair stores in Gilmore.

Although, Gilmore is famous for being a computer/gadget spot, hidden somewhere is a simple looking restaurant that offers good food.

inside the store
It's doesn't have a flashy look, it's 'almost' like eating in a school cafeteria with a bit of Chinese ambiance if you asked me - BUT in a good way, it feels relaxing.

Scroll down and see for yourself .


Maki - 95Php

Lumpia - 90Php

Tofu with Teriyaki sauce -75 Php

Siomai (4pcs) - 70 Php

Beef Noodles soup - 135 Php

Small Chinese grocery

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