Ice Cream house of Cainta

The story of how I got to try Ice Cream house is sort of an accident,

After buying product orders and product inventory for my business in Q.ave, I went straight to Shaw StarMall to inquire on how much will it cost to go to Tagaytay City riding a Van at this moment of writing this article (Biyaheng Lemery via Tagaytay) and since I have nothing to do anyway and wanted to stay in a coffee shop for the purpose of finishing my power presentation that I've been working for 2 days now.

To make this long story short, coffee shops in MegaMall were Full and carrying a lot of products alone while inside a coffee shop to work was not a good idea anyway, and so.. I decided to go home instead.

From MegaMall, I walked along the streets in Ortigas on my way to Robinson's Galleria to take a bus there and go home.

I rode on the bus, and was able to sit down, and as I comfortably sat down, listened to my favorite audios, and just wait until the bus stop by my destination - Comfortably..

I got too immerse in listening to the audio that I didn't realized that I was already in Cainta ( haha - talk about being too focus)

Just a Few kms back, I rode a Jeepney going back to countryside and as the Jeep was slowly moving, somewhat close to my destination, I saw the Ice Cream house of Cainta signage, and since I really wanted to buy an Ice cream to bring home, I immediately ask the jeepney driver to drop me there and then..

This is the story of how I got to try The Ice Cream house of Cainta.

LOL this is probably the longest introduction I've ever made in this blog, or for any blog for that matter.

Inside the store

Cookies & cream - 75Php
 I would like to say that this was incredibly delicious, and was definitely value for money for only 75 pesos.

I like how they use the tissue to cover up the straw

1.9L -200 Php
See you on the next blog post!


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