Inihaw na Liempo of Chicboy

If you want an affordable inihaw na liempo so you can eat a lot of your rice ( for rice eaters), Chicboy is the fast food for you. Not only that Chicboy offers one of the best affordable Liempo in the food business, it also offers a rice-all-you-can for their customers when they order their main menu items.

Chicboy was supposed to be the counterpart of Filipino inihaw food fast food Mang-Inasal. To reasons, unknown to me, a lot of Chicboy branches have closed down. Fortunately, not all of their stores have closed down. I don't have an idea to how many of their stores are still available for business, but there's one store that still running - in which you can find in Araneta Center Cubao.

Here's there delicious Inihaw na Liempo.

Inihaw na Liempo (grilled pork belly) - 119Php

Definitely something that is value for your money, I would recommend foreigners to try eat here. Not only they could try the taste of one our cuisines, will also be saving money while getting something that is really worth it.

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