Cheking out Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

The Logo kinda reminds me of the logo of Dakasi
FisherMall, 2nd Level, Quezon Avenue, Quezon City, Metro Manila

When I see some new milk tea store (new to me) that looks appealing in a way, I always want to know how it tastes.So when I saw this inside the FisherMall when roaming around the mall, I hesitantly but did decide to try at least one of their beverages. So I bought one.

I bought one of their best sellers- The salty Cream milk tea.

Salty cream milk tea -100php
 Basically, it's just milk tea with salt and cream cheese.

If you ask if it's good? yes, It's good, what I've liked about this particular drink of theirs is the right blend of the flavors - the flavor of the milk tea and the cream cheese with salt really came good - It's kinda in the level of Happy Lemon's Cocoa Rock salt & cheese - it's that good.

Here are what they have to offer.

Have you tried drinking here? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! Thanks for being here! Have a nice day.

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