Ha-Neul Mart Ice creams

Ha-Neul Mart Ice creams.

I don't know if you can find other Ha-Neul Marts aside from the one in Ortigas. I don't know about that stuff, but what I do know is their ice cream sticks are delicious and fairly priced.

Ha-Neul Mart can be found in Grand Emerald Tower, Ortigas Jr. Rd San Antonio, Ortigas Center

So many choices to choose from.

Cookies & Cream- 28Php
 This was incredibly delicious, especially if you consider that its only 28 Pesos.

Vanilla Taste - 25Php
If you prefer ice creams that have the crunch and chocolatey feeling - Buy this if you ever pass by.
Remember, it's only 25 pesos.

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