Tea 101 - Taiwan's no.1 drink

Tea 101 stall in Megamall 
Ground floor, Building A, Megamall Hypermarket

I'm not really sure if Tea 101 is really Taiwan's number 1 drink ( I just wrote  what is written in their logo). Though, I'd give Tea 101 two thumbs up for serving a delicious Cocoa with rock salt & cheese.

 Drinks with their corresponding prices

Milk tea & Choco craze series Drinks w/prices

Skyscraper, Tall, & Regular
And if you're finding it hard to choose what to drink. 

You can look at their TOP 10 best sellers below.

Top 10 best sellers
The first time and first store I've ordered a cocoa w/ rock salt & cheese drink was on 'happy lemon'. Since then, I have been a fan of the rock salt & cheese cocoa drink.

The process of making

Sealing machine

Rock Salt & Cheese Cocoa milk tea
I'm not really good when it comes to describing the tastes of food and drinks - I just know when it's good & when it's not. But it's really just about preferences. Taste is subjective. In my point of view, I like it when I can really taste the bitterness of cocoa when it's not too sweet. In this one fits my taste on the spot!

Top view

Certain flavors that have a buy 1 take 1 promo.

Lemon series
If you're not a milk tea person, they offer affordable juices.

Conclusion - If you're a person who likes to try different kinds of beverages such as milk tea, I recommend you to try out Tea 101.

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