Jonie's Sizzlers & Roasts

When we were in Cebu, what I really wanted was to eat to places that I don't see in metro Manila. It was about past Lunch time then, and we haven't eaten yet. So, as we're walking, we saw this fast food type restaurant that we were not familiar with, and decided to just eat there and then.

Anyway boys and girls

here is

What we've ordered.

Jonie's Sizzling Sisig with Egg. Price - 110Php
The sisig was okay. It's not your typical sisig, it was rather too spicy for me to enjoy but it was good to say the least.

Large Pork Belly -Price  149 Php

Their pork belly has a somewhat spicy taste to it.

It was a fairly good lunch, if ever you're going to SM Cebu, I recommend you to try this thing out if you're on a budget.

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