Zubuchon - Best Lechon in Cebu, Philippines

If you're planning to visit Cebu, Zubuchon is definitely one of the places you should stop by to eat.

It is a MUST try to eat in Cebu.

Just ride a taxi and tell the driver to go to Zubuchon where your hotel is closer.

For us, we ate at the Escario Branch.

One thing, that makes the road and routes in Cebu hard to remember is because of too many 'One way' street they have.

Anyway here's a look at the outside view of Zubuchon''s Logo.

You have to look ready when you eat here :D LOL

The place was fairly big, there were already a lot of people on the first floor when we came, so we had to go up stairs.

There were barely people on the 2nd floor
Personally, I like their design on the place. It has a modern feeling to it, I like that they used glasses to make it feel more open, and have a natural lighting in the room when there's sunlight outside.. of course.

You can see simplicity and yet see elegance in their interior. Look at that chandelier thing there. I bet that lights for real at night.

You got to love the Filipino bottles of condiments. You got to love it! :)

Remember the logo my friend when you do try to eat here.

Look at those utensils. Look at that knife LOL.

I'd say that they have a very simple menu.

Here's what we ordered

Zubuchon - 550Php 1kg

Of course we ordered their Lechon. For me there's no point in eating at Zubuchon if we don't order their Pork Lechon (roasted pig), especially on our first try.

I'd say it was very good, and really worth it. They say that they cooked their lechon with a lot of spices. And it's true. You can immediately tell the strong flavor of the spices on your first bite. They have this combination of crispy & flavorful pig skin that a lot of people would like.

Garlic Fried Rice - 100 Php
They offer 4 types of Fried rice ( Lapu-Lapu daing fried rice, Sisig fried rice, Five pork fried rice & Garlic fried rice)


Leche Flan -
  I strong suggest you to order their Leche Flan, if you're going to eat dessert. This one is probably the most delicious leche flan I've ever tasted.

Turon  (Banana spring roll)
Their 'turon' is a bit different from what I'm accustomed to. It's not as big as to what I'm familiar with and it doesn't have any sugar coating around it's wrapper instead they give you this sweet dip sauce.

I ordered 'buko juice' or coconut juice as my drink
Funny that I forgot to take a picture of the 'buko' juice. I probably got too much excited, and wanted to eat as soon as possible that day LOL.

Zubuchon delicacies and some other Cebu brands

See you on the next blog post!


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