Coco Fresco : The best coconut water or Buko juice

Coco Fresco Stall in Megamall
It is said that there is a growing demand for coconut water globally, and I am one those who is now a fan of fresh coconut water or 'Buko Juice'. Being said to be a healthier beverage than most drinks.


Buko Juice
Regular - 30Php 350 mL
Half liter - 40 Php 500 mL
1 liter- 70 Php 1000 mL

Buko Shake

Twin cups -60 Php 12. Oz ( 2 cups )
Grande - 40 Php 16 Oz
Venti- 50 Php 22 Oz

1 liter Buko Juice
 This is really a refreshing drink.

Different sizes of Coco Fresco's Buko Juice

You can try to zoom the photo.

I'm not sure if ALL information stated above are true but what I'm sure is that Buko Juice is one healthy beverage.

Just want to ask you. What is your Favorite Buko juice brand?

See you on the next blog post!


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