Guevarra's by Chef Laudico - Dinning Experience

Restaurant Entrance
 387 P.Guevarra St, Lungsod ng San Juan 1500

Guevarra's is a Filipino buffet restaurant that is owned by Chef Laudico. If you want to eat an all you can delicious Filipino food, then - I suggest you to try Chef Laudico's Guevarra's.

Here's my suggestion - I suggest you to eat at Guevarra's in groups and search for promo deals on site likes Metro deal, Ensogo and other deals sites out there. Just give time and most of the time, you'll be able to get group promo deals that will give you a fairly good discount.We got a promo deal for 9 people when we ate there last Wednesday, we paid 380Php each instead of paying the regular price of 600Php/head. We saved 220 pesos per head. Pretty sweet deal.

 Just so you know, the restaurant is actually built like a house.
I think this one looks really cool.
The Chandeliers and paintings really set the tone of what truly is an amazing ambiance.

Here you can see how tables are set up.
 You can actually see the lamps and paintings that brings out the Filipino culture ambiance, in which I think, is pretty cool.
These are plates that have writings of famous people that have eaten at Guevarra's
 Celebrities like Parokya ni Edgar's Vinci, and Senator Franklin Drilon.

The Buffet Set Up

As you can see there's a lot of choices of food for you to choose at whenever you decide to eat at Guevarra's
Here's another mouth-watering station - they have veggie pizza, seafood pizza & all MEAT pizza.

You can have your pork shanghai if you want to and Crablets. .
Angus beef tapa :D . There's actually a roast Angus beef, I just forgot to take a picture of that food station.

The kids will love this

This is the dessert station. I actually over-heard a lady ( cause she was kinda yelling) telling her friend that this station was made or idea of the wife of Chef Laudico.

Here's what we ate.
Beef Kare kare, Shrimp, Puto w/ Dinuguan, and Binagoongan rice

These shrimp looks delicious, too bad I'm allergic to it.

ALL meat pizza, Spaghetti, Pork belly, and Roast Angus beef

Pizza, Pork Shanghai, Bagnet, and Angus Beef tapa

The one that we really liked on the dessert station was the Maja blanca.

Salad - Cucumber, lettuce with Caesar dressing.

Look at the my smile on my face
My take is that you should try Chef Laudico's Gueverra's. I'll definitely be back to eat there with my other friends the next time around.

See you on the next blog post !


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