What's up? My first blog post in a new blog .

Hello there. Welcome to this blog. This is my first post in this new blog site of mine.~

And yes, I do have other blog sites. 

In fact, I have 2 blog sites (active) -one being my Personal blog and the other is my.... You know.. Tumblr blog.

I'm not going to share much now in this first post, just gonna tell you what you can expect to see here. 

The purpose of making this blog is to share stuffs about things that is fun and cool, be it about traveling to awesome places, eating your favorite food on your favorite restaurant or Fast food or wherever, or hang out with friends. 

You might ask. You have your personal blog already. Why not just put your content there?

I want to answer that in a classic cheesy way, unfortunately for me, can't think of one right now. 

But here's my answer anyway - I will. Just not all.

To be honest with you, I did want to do that - Share ALL my leisure experiences & stories in my personal blog, because that's just how most personal blog sites are ( stories about YOU and your experiences and YOUR recommendations.)

but here's the catch. My personal blog is a bit different, aside from wanting to share stuffs about the things I like, I have mostly blogged motivational, personal and business stuffs inside my personal blog space.

While I still plan to share some of my fun experiences in my personal blog, I wouldn't want to make a complete review of stuffs there, cause you know.. I think would take out some of the personal element of a personal blog. 

While here, I can share and recommend things for you without being to much personal and bias :)


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